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Who Are We?

GOVERSHIP is an ecosystem of independent consulting for Directors and Boards of Directors to help you develop Performance and Trustworthiness

Beyond our cross-sector approach, you can also benefit from our expertise in:

Digital Transformation

Where does your digital transformation stand?

Benefit from our focus on digital transformation, in particular for disruptive innovations such as Big Data, IOT (Internet of Things), Blockchain & GDPR to help integrate into your innovation strategy

Benefit from our services including market watch, training, and advice regarding these technologies and many others

Risk & Opportunity Management

Are you looking to get overall control over your risks, rather than simply rolling up each of your (possibly hundreds of) division’s risks?

We can supply you with a true thorough vision of your risks, a 360°, international view


Are you wondering about your organisation’s compliance with national laws, or international regulations?

For all your governance concerns, we offer effective solutions, taking full account of your key internal and external stakeholders’ needs.




You deserve an honest and candid answer to the issues that concern you

Our Independence requires us to ask you the hard questions, to provide you a qualified external view, and to tell you what we really think

It’s then up to you to take the decisions that meet your needs

Sensitive to Your Needs

We strive to be at your service by attentively listening to you then enabling you to benefit from our expertise and our partners’

We offer you constructive solutions adapted to your context, then support you throughout their implementation if you so desire, guaranteeing you completely pragmatic advice



Reap benefits from the wealth of cross-sector and international information that we provide about Innovations, such as digital transformation, emerging use cases, or new business models, so that you can differentiate yourself on the market, today and for the long term


We partner with you to help you meet your needs with respect to Sustainability – across your entire extended scope, from beginning to end of your activity.

You can thus optimise your social, societal, and environmental impacts, to comply with both your values and relevant regulations


   GOVERSHIP serves Directors and Boards of Directors

to help you answer your questions


  • Performance

  • Training

  • Individualised support

  • Communication advice


  • Recruiting qualified Directors

  • Advice and training for governance

  • Board performance

  • Complex missions


  • Security and Intelligence of autonomous & connected vehicles

  • GDPR : personal data compliance (25 May 2018)

    • ​Cartography in a few weeks (with an exclusive tool)

    • Training

    • Consultancy in legal & marketing

    • DPO 

We have Questions,

YOU have the Answer!


  • 23-25, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France           E-mail :                                                Tel. :  +33(0)1 85 08 72 42

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